• OneTopic for Training Programs

    Using OneTopic Format for Training Programs

    What is OneTopic Format?

    OneTopic Format is an adaptation of the standard Topics format that presents course sections in tabs rather than scrolling down the course page.

    The default version of OneTopic displays the tabs along the top of the course page. Remote Learner developers modified the appearance of this format to display the tabs vertically.  

    Check out the interactive example using the tabs.

    Suggested Uses

    OneTopic format can be well used with the following types of courses:

    • Compliance Training with lessons, quiz, certificate, resources
    • Study course with lessons, study guides, practice quizzes, resources
    • Program with lessons, assignments, assessments

    Download template

    Before downloading the template, confirm that the OneTopic Format is available on your site.

    • Navigate to Course administration ► Edit settings ► Course format ► Format to verify that OneTopic format appears in the dropdown menu
    • If you do not see OneTopic format in the list, contact your site administrator or Account manager to have it installed

    Download the OneTopic Format (Training Program) template.

    This is a backup (.mbz) file for OneTopic Format course that includes placeholder text as a guide when setting up the course with your own content.

    After downloading the backup file, use the following process to restore the template to your site:

    • Navigate to Course administration ► Restore
    • Within the Files area, upload the template file and click Restore
    • Follow the step-by-step process for restoring the course